Post Posted: Thu Sep 05, 2002 9:11 am
 Subject: zx6r vs. yamaha R6

I know this is a kawasaki website, and YES my first bike has been (is) a 2001 Ninja 250 in lime green. I am just wondering unbiasly which one is better i.e. faster, lighter, handling, comfort, better value, cheaper etc. i love teh look of both bikes, just wondering which way everyone here would lean. ALSO, i would be purchasing used....probably 99-01 range
Post Posted: Thu Sep 05, 2002 9:34 am
 Subject: Re: zx6r vs. yamaha R6

too many variables to say which is better

R6 -> lighter, faster, handling*

6R -> Cheaper here, comfort, handling*

Value? subjective... my money is with kawi.

*handling. The R6 turns in faster. However, many people I know who now ride the 6R is easier to handle than the R6 as its not as rude about coming back out of a turn and switching sides.
Post Posted: Thu Sep 05, 2002 9:46 am
 Subject: Re: zx6r vs. yamaha R6

If you're really asking that means both are probably better than your riding skill. I dont want to be mean, but which is faster should be your least concern when buying any bike because you're never going to see peak performance unless you're on the track or a serious hazard to people who share the road with you. Becoming a better rider is more important than getting a better bike. But if you really want to know, Dave_NYC rides a zx6r, he could give you some good insights into it. I'm not sure who rides an R6 on this board. I would choose the R6 though, because I like the design more. It's all about preference.
Post Posted: Thu Sep 05, 2002 10:30 am
 Subject: I agree.....if you have to ask.....

...then you probably aren't ready. Speed should be the last thing on your mind. You do realize that any 600cc SS bike will turn a low 12/high 11 quarter mile? If you don't think thats fast enough, then I guess you're ready for AMASB racing :p

I would go for whatever bike is most comfortable, since 99% of us sportbikers will NEVER take a 600 SS bike to 100% of its potential Smile
Post Posted: Thu Sep 05, 2002 10:41 am
 Subject: My question was misenterpreted....

Ill keep it simple.....What the best 600cc bike for the money?
Post Posted: Thu Sep 05, 2002 10:41 am
 Subject: Re: I agree.....if you have to ask.....

I know that...........see new post above
Post Posted: Thu Sep 05, 2002 10:57 am
 Subject: More misinterpretation ...

Well IMHO the best 600's for the money would be a used '95+ YZF600R, CBRF3, or 93+ ZX6.

They are comfortable (to me), have more than enough power, are cheap on the used market since they not as saught after as the latest fastest bikes. These bikes also have aftermarket seats, luggage, and bar risers available if you want to go for longer trips in comfort on them.
Post Posted: Thu Sep 05, 2002 11:00 am
 Subject: Re: My question was misenterpreted....

Hmm, well if this is strictly street riding your talking about there are some good choices. YZF600r is awesome and plenty fast, and an overall well-rounder. Sweet looking too. Cozmo has one if you want more info on it. The bandit 600 is good and cheap and more comfy than most sport bikes, and lets not forget the sv650s or sv650 which is one of motorcycling's best kept secrets. Dont go near the Katana. It's a brick on the road and huge and ugly and bad performing compared to most other 600's.

If it's used we're talking, any 600 with low milage got at a fair price will be fine because on the street they will all perform very similar anyway. I'm on the hunt for any version of the Suzi sv650 or sv650s myself. It's my next bike of choice. I've often heard that the honda's make good used bikes, though I cant speak from experiance.
Post Posted: Thu Sep 05, 2002 11:13 am
 Subject: A repairable gimme. 600cc/$0 = best value. ;-) (n/t)

Dave - nYc
Post Posted: Thu Sep 05, 2002 12:22 pm
 Subject: Best 600

That answer is objectionable, these days there is no such thing as a bad super sport 600. They all have the same top speed, HP is about the same and they all weigh and handle very close to the same. There may be a better one but that's in the eye of the beholder.

You have 3 super sport 600's competitors to the ZX6R

The CBR F4i has won Cycle World's 600 of the year for the last two years, for good reason too. It's fuel injected, has a digital cockpit and is an all around great bike. The riding position is a bit more aggressive than former CBRs (F2, F3, F4) but it's manageable even with a passenger. I don't have any complaints about it, the CBR F4i is on my list for my better half's upgrade from the Ninja 250.

The GSX-R600 is also fuel injected, it's gear box is a bit rough and it's a bit tough to get it into Neutral. The riding position is very aggressive, long trips will be a wrist sore. Forget about taking a passenger with you unless you like pain. The major problem with the GSX-R600 is: Why not just get the GSX-R750

The YZF R6 is one sexy machine, It's the snappiest of the four and it likes to dig into turns and make sparks fly as the peg slides on the ground. Like the ZX6R the fuel injection has been skipped this year but the R6 has been graced with many aesthetic upgrades like: A rear tail with Clear lenses, rear LED lights, a color matched undertail and the best looking cockpit of all the 600's. All these nice features comes with a price tag, expect to pay $1000 more than what you can get the ZX6R for.

And finally the ZX6R, for the money the ZX6R is hands down the BEST all around 600 of today. It's the most comfortable of the four, the gear box is the smoothest and there is virtually no engine vibration at higher revs. Neutral is always easy to find with Kawasaki's patented Positive Neutral Finder. Do you like taking a passenger? No problem, you can ride with a passenger all day and you wouldn't notice the difference. If you're looking for a bike that you can live with than the ZX6R is the right choice, second to the ZX6R would be the Honda CBR F4i. Find a dealer that carries all four makes and sit on each one for ten minutes, you will feel the difference.
Jaymee Sharp
Post Posted: Thu Sep 05, 2002 12:23 pm
 Subject: Re: zx6r vs. yamaha R6

I have a YZF600R. It is a great bike. Very comfortable to ride, plenty fast. It is a little heavier than the R6, but the comfort and price difference is worth the weight differance. It's NOT the 250, but it handles the twisties just fine for me. I don't know much about the ZX6R, I think it is more like the YZF600R than the R6. Good luck and ride safe, no matter what you decide.
Post Posted: Thu Sep 05, 2002 12:42 pm
 Subject: Re: zx6r vs. yamaha R6

For 2003 ZX6 is gonna be a whole new bike, so if you want one, wait till then.
It looks now like Zx6 will be more tricked out then r6.
Post Posted: Fri Sep 06, 2002 1:02 am
 Subject: Re: My question was misenterpreted....

i would have to say kawis. good throttle response. carburation is flawless. plenty of "useful" power. best all arounder; unlike the more narrow focus r6 and gixxs

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