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Post Posted: Wed Apr 19, 2017 9:50 pm
 Subject: For Sale 2001 Ninja 250 Clean title in hand, Los Angeles CA, $600.00

Pictures here: http://imgur.com/a/FFehV

2001 ďpre-genĒ Ninja 250r for parts. Clean title in hand. $600.00

This bike is a functioning (see below for caveat) daily commuter with year old Pirelli Sport Demons front and back (photos will reveal integrity and depth of tread remaining,) X1R JT X-ring drive chain, and matte black 7Ē sealed-beam headlight. Everything else is stock, save an off-brand integrated turn-signal tail light. The electrical system is untouched and intact, and its connections are good (checked by usage and with a multimeter).

Youíll notice that all the fairings have been removed or abbreviated and the fenders have been hewn down or removed. The housing where the IC igniter and the regulator live (part of the rear fender) has been removed. That means that Iíve been using this bike with those parts zip-tied to the battery. The instrument cluster has been removed and has already sold.

Caveat: The engine is broken. Thatís right moto fans, the engine doesn't work so now this bike is going to parts. Unless you have an engine already, in which case I would cut a package deal for taking the whole thing off my hands in one fell swoop.

Freshly cleaned carburetor with confirmed clean and intact vacuum valves $120

IC Igniter $40

Regulator/Rectifier $30

Ignition coils $30

12v Bikemaster battery not yet one year old $20

Headlight, matte black bucket with sealed beam bulb, $20

Forks $40

Gas tank, no leaks, minor dings $50

Air box $15

Frame, straight, clean title $160

Pirelli Sport Demon tires $65/80

Wheels, complete no tires $120/set or $50/$80 or

Wheels and tires, complete front and back $240

Mufflers $40/set or $25 each

Doorstop shaped like a ninja 250 engine $23

OR $600.00 for the whole bike.

I have all the other parts as well but didnít list them. Just let me know if thereís something youíre looking for that I didnít put in this advert.

None of these parts have been removed or sold yet, so itís ready to pull apart, or get a new engine and start going places. As stated above I do have a clean title in hand.

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