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Thu Aug 14, 2003 12:41 pm
Re: Mr. Kneebone thinks he's Morpheus in "The Matrix"        

>This whole thing still seems as bad as the '01 Alaska bonus to me. I had rather thought that the real spirit of the thing meant that even someone running in the "Hopeless" class had an off chance of placing well, even winning

One of the things Kneebone said this time was that there were so many people that before the last rally
said they'd go to Alaska, no problems. When the time came to make that decision (and it happened twice
in the last rally) only a few serious contenders went for it. It was possible to do, and if chosen at
the first opportunity, not hugely difficult. The second one was just nuts, but some still managed it.

This time around, he wanted people to know explicitly what they'd need to choose to win. People
groused that last time it wasn't obvious that there would be a second Alaska chance and by choosing
what seemed a huge task up front they were put out of the running by those that took it second. No bones about it this time.

A lot of people are in this just to finish. Leon, like Jeff Earls a few years ago wants a 10/10ths.
Everyone sets their goals. If your goal is to win, you needed to take the red pill.

Just surviving the rally is a win for a lot of people.

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