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Mon Jul 18, 2005 9:20 am
Re: 100,000 Mile Road Test of a 1988 Kawasaki 250 Ninja - Part Five        

Well, you must officially be the person who rides their bike the softest on the planet.
Brake pads that last 95k miles?
I'm having a hard time believing that when you can only get a chain to last you 22k miles.
Good old CB360Man (rest his soul) has a stock non-o-ring chain up to 45k miles with out having to make a single adjustment to it in a couple years.

Being a soft touch on the bike would also explain why you don't mind the stock Dunlop K630 tires. Just judging the way your bike has gone, I can gather that no matter what came on the bike, you would have kept buying the same ones after all these years. Too bad you have no desires to try any different tires. I'm sure that you could get a hell of a lot MORE mile out of better quality tires, like a Metzeler ME880 rear, which Leon gets some 15 to 20k miles out of on his touring rig, and that's with a much heavier bike, and at higher speeds than you probably run yours at.

But, as the saying goes, the best you've owned is the best you know.

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