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Wed Aug 24, 2005 9:31 pm
Duke has a carburetion question.        

In Death Valley and again today on the Oregon Coast, his bike "idles funny." It also backfires when he rolls off the throttle. Applying choke seems to solve the problem.

The symptoms lead me to believe it is lean because of the denser air at sea level. Duke suggested adding a washer or two under the needles, I mentioned turning the idle mixture screws out a bit.

Between now and Friday evening he will be travelling from central Washington through Idaho then through Yellowstone National Park and on to Denver. Since he will be at relatively high elevation for all of that, we expect the bike to run fine. Butt . . . after Friday he leaves Denver and will arrive in Maine earlly Monday morning, he could well see sea level again during the second two legs of the rally.

There is very little time to make adjustments except in Denver and Maine.
and it is vital that he not destroy the engine for at least another 8000 miles
and there is little time to experiement with solutions

what do the carburetion experts suggest?

This post is also in the IBR Forum, replies should be posted there.

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