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Thu Aug 25, 2005 6:15 am
The technical parts.        

The last time I talked to him yesterday, I asked about the exact setup that he was running. In addition to Stock mufflers, UNI filters and no airbox, he has 108 main jets, 3 washers under stock needles and he did turn the idle mixture screws out another 1/2 turn. The idle mixture screw change isn't enough.

The problem is the worst when there is a cross wind, with 1/4 throttle. I heard the stumble when he was on the phone with me. He was running about 70 mph and had enough full-throttle power to run much faster than that, but if he went around a curve and caught a side wind, the bike would stumble. If he moves one leg or the other, he can also change the way the engine runs.

I think he wants to add another washer under the needles. Checking and replacing the sparkplugs is a great idea that had been overlooked so far, thanks K-dog.

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