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Thu Aug 25, 2005 8:12 am
Re: The technical parts.        

Leon wrote:
The last time I talked to him yesterday, I asked about the exact setup that he was running. In addition to Stock mufflers, UNI filters and no airbox, he has 108 main jets, 3 washers under stock needles and he did turn the idle mixture screws out another 1/2 turn. The idle mixture screw change isn't enough.

The problem is the worst when there is a cross wind, with 1/4 throttle. I heard the stumble when he was on the phone with me. He was running about 70 mph and had enough full-throttle power to run much faster than that, but if he went around a curve and caught a side wind, the bike would stumble. If he moves one leg or the other, he can also change the way the engine runs.

I think he wants to add another washer under the needles. Checking and replacing the sparkplugs is a great idea that had been overlooked so far, thanks K-dog.

Here's an idea... Have him relocate the carb vent/overflow tube that's between the carbs, move the end of the hose somewhere else.

Hawk GT's suffer the same problem with crosswinds with the stock hose length.
If you move your right leg, the bike gets its power back.
THe cure is to shorten the hose by about half the length, for the Hawks, that is.
When he was working on his bike, he might have routed the hose incorrectly, if he even reinstalled it at all.

Hell, if he has the hose on, tell him to try pulling it off entirely at the next gas fillup, or is he can stop for a moment and pull it off on the side of the road.

Does the bike stumble at speed just by changing throttle position?
Or is it only during cross wind events?
If it's all the time, then he needs to check those spark plugs NOW.

Also, its possible that he might need a larger set ofmain jets for those UNI's, depending on what type of temps he's riding in, and the humidity factor.


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