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Fri Aug 26, 2005 7:18 pm
Re: Holy cow! 27 degrees! That's about impossible to imagine right now!        

Not as extreme, but in Oregon High Desert you can easily have 40 F temperature swings all spring/summer/fall.

Those ice-on the pond mornings with 80F afternoons are the weird ones. Rare, but does happen.

I've just about totally nixxed the idea of getting only gets hot enough to warrant it about 3 months of the year, Probably really only a dozen days, and even then, only for about a *max* of 6 hours on any of those given days. Besides, it sounds that with mesh, you have to be even MORE careful about keeping hydrated. I've worn light jackets and thought I would fall off the bike from hypothermia when the sun went thanks! Tongue

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