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Wed Aug 31, 2005 9:49 am
Wednesday Morning        

Wow, it's wednesday already!!!

45 minutes ago, Duke was 90 miles north of Montreal. He's really on the west-ward part of the journey now, and very happy to be so. He got a good night's rest last night, and is ready to ride today. He's got just under 500 miles until the border crossing, and then on to Denver.

The bike has been running rich, and he had a little bit of trouble starting it this morning. But since it is cold (60 degrees, with only 1-2 degree variance all day), as soon as he gave it a little choke, it started right up. The richness is due to being closer to sea-level. Since he's heading back to the higher elevation, he's not concerned about it in the least.

He's a bit sore today, but the ibuprophen wears off when he sleeps, and he rolled over during his sleep, so he had a time getting up. However, he's ok while he's riding, so...as long as he remembers to take the meds on time, he's good to get to Denver!

He did see another rider, who is one of the Star Traxx guys (can't remember his name, though) so he felt MUCH relief that he's not the only one that's as far away as he is. Every little bit of encouragement is a big deal right now.

More to come soon.

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