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Thu Sep 01, 2005 1:48 am

I had one gas-pumping kid waay up in Quebec get a little huffy with me in the 2001 IBR, but he was the exception. Gotta figure a teenager stuck in a town with nothing to do, working the gas pumps at 10:30pm, is probably a little bitter about everything in general.

If memory serves, I may have mistakenly/reflexively greeted him with a "bon jour" (good day) at 10:30pm, which is clearly a time for a "bon soir" (good evening). When I come back outside after paying for the gas (and taking a leak and washing up a bit), he's gesticulating as if to shove my bike over, to the benefit of a nearby buddy of his. I *think* he was muttering something about "bon jour..." They both disappeared pretty quickly when I popped out again.

Earlier that day, I managed to get through an entire gas stop (remember they're 100% full serve up there) without breaking into English once. I think I even asked for the time, or maybe directions to Matagami from Amos.

At least I've gotten something for my 4 years of high school French!

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