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Thu Sep 01, 2005 9:18 am
Thursday Morning        

Coming up on the "Windy City" and heading west... He's feeling pretty good today. The bike is running just fine - Thanks Alan and Leon for your great expertise in keeping it sound!

Like Jim said, he's merely running a ss1000 today, and oddly enough, once he hits Iowa, he'll be in the familiar territory of rides he's done earlier this year. (like the ride to Omaha, for the IBA "conference")

He feels confident in that he'll be able to sort of take his time getting back. And the Weather Liars show that he should have a nice, clear, dry ride all the way back - which will make up for some of the brute forces Katrina threw his way.

Well, I'm off to go pack and get rady for my flight. Thank you all for your encouragement and support. I now pass the typing baton to Jaymee for the remainder of the rally..

And, I expect to see each and every one of you at the next GRR barbeque at Le Dunsford Manor (whenever it happens to be...) Smile

Have a great day!

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