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Fri Sep 02, 2005 1:54 pm
Re: Congratulations!        

Rob K wrote:

There is some talk on the LD list about reliability of the BMW machines. There have been a lot of mechanical failures this year and in '03. Maybe some of these peeps should consider the 250 Ninja. There have been 2 at the start line the past 2 rallies, and, there have been 2 at the finish line the past two rallies!!!!


You forget the fact that these are NOT off the shelf Ninja 250's.
Both have had extensive engine work done to them to have survived the rally. It's quite possible that a stock 250 would have died a horrible death unless it was a brand new motor.

I don't know about the other bikes, but the 250 is not the best choice to do the Iron Butt on, in stock form. That's the very reason why Leon and Duke used the bike in the Rally's, though.


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