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Sun Sep 04, 2005 11:26 pm
Re: Last Place Finisher Penalty        

This is still Heather - Duke is downstairs, asleep on the lazy-boy recliner, since it's too painful to sleep in the bed... More on all of that later.

I wanted to address this, although I'm not sure on how they performed the scoring. But, yes, he broke down during the third leg and had to rent a bike to get back to Denver in time on Friday morning. He only changed once. Of course, he switched out for another Harley. It was the cleanest bike in the parking lot on Friday!!

Although I don't know the absolutes of the rules of the different rallies, I do know that some rules had changed for this year. Rather than just be a blanket amount of points, it may have been that he/she would forfeit all the points for that particular leg (just like in the past if you were time-barred at the checkpoint locations. You could still go on with the rally, but you would lose all points from that leg. This year, if you were time-barred at any checkpoint, you were DNF'd for the rally).

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