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Tue Sep 06, 2005 7:16 pm
Bob Higdon and Bikes that hurt you        

Here is the body of a reply I received from Higdon. He had written in one of his updates about bikes falling on their riders. I relayed a bit of Duke's story. Way to go, Duke and Leon!

My e-mail to Higdon:

Bob, In addition to the riders you mentioned today being attacked
> by their own bikes, I wanted to relay the following story. Monday
> morning, Duke Dunsford was rolling his 250 Ninja off the
> centerstand. It got off balance and collapsed on him, body slamming
> him into an adjacent bike and impaling his rib cage on on that
> bike's footpeg. OUCH!
> He hurt like hell but he
> struggled on to Maine. There, he contemplated the hospital,
> quitting, resting & travelling directly to Denver. I called him
> that night, and he was crossing the bridge to "an island in
> Canada"! He said everything was ok while riding, it only hurt
> really bad when he had to mount, dismount, walk, talk, or breathe.
> Otherwise, everything was great. This guy has alot of heart!
> Tonight, he is back in the U.S. and looking forward to Denver.
> I love your daily updates; I just wish there were more of them. Kevin Bullock

His reply to me today:

I had heard about that story about Duke's bike and I thought I'd put it in one of my posts in one form or another. Wow, a mind is a terrible thing to lose.

You don't have to convince me that Duke's a tough rider. It must be something about riding one of those Ninja's that brings out the absolute beast in people. Look what Leon Begeman did two years ago. They really are stories of incredible courage. I mean it.

Bob Higdon

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