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Fri Jan 19, 2007 11:08 pm
Re: Long Mileage Test        

bugsy wrote:
I've always had a dissatisfaction with most motorcycle maintenance regimens, especially valve adjustments. When Japanese cars with similar valve configurations of some years ago regularly would go a couple of 100k without maintenance, it's always been hard for me to understand why the valve adjustment/inspection interval should be so short on bikes.

I wonder what you mean by the "similar valve configuration". There are quite a few differences that I can think of that would affect the rate of wear. Higher RPM being one, with all the consequences like more valve openings/closings per unit of time, less time to transfer heat from the valves, etc. Regardless of valve "configuration", Japanese cars still need the same maintenance, even though they very well may survive for a couple hundred thousand miles without it. When I had the valve cover off my Honda Accord a couple of weeks ago, I did randomly check 4 valves on different cylinders. All were too tight. They still had some clearance, but way below the spec (fortunately adjusting valves on an Accord is trivial, I just need to get around to it). Once the clearance completely disappears, bad things tend to happen. Most of maintenance requirements have solid reasoning behind them.

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