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Sat Jan 20, 2007 12:26 am
Re: Long Mileage Test        

well, I won't belabor this too much, but a couple of examples. I too had a Honda, an 87 Civic SI, with finger followers actuating the valves. I did not drive it conservatively. I checked it a couple of times in 130,000+ miles, with no wear discernible or adjustment required at either time. I also had a Mazda Protege with directly actuated valves, 16 valve head, that didn't even call for valve check as a normal maintenance item; clocked over 200,000 miles, mostly at 70 - 80 in the cut and thrust of New Jersey-Pensy turnpike traffic around Philadelphia. My BMW F650 motorcycle, same valve configuration, also water cooled, required valve check every 6,000 miles, and it needed it - I replaced shims at each check. 7500 rpm redline. Go figure.
In fact, I think the engine redline is not a very good indicator of valve stress - as I understand it, it's valve mass that's the critical issue, and our 4-valve 125 cc cylinders don't have very massive valves. How much time one spends at the redline may be a better indication. Still, as I mentioned I'm a moderate rider, and in those circumstances it seems to me I shouldn't have to expect a more stringent maintenance procedure for similar engine configuration. Maybe the manufacturers just figure motorcycle riders are more exuberant. They're probably right. Guess if I'm too dissatisfied I can just look for an old CX500 or Pacific Coast - they've got juice lifters.


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