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Sat Jan 20, 2007 12:58 am
Re: Long Mileage Test        

Bill Hoddinott - VA wrote:
The '01 engine had 1700 miles when I put it in, so it is up to around 29000 miles now. When I installed it, I checked the valve tappets, and for an experiment, I decided to just run this engine and leave it alone, except for oil changes twice a year (about 4500 mile intervals).

I have this theory that if any of the valve tappets tightened up enough to hurt anything, it would show up with poor idling or running, and the clearance could then be corrected with no harm to anything. So far nothing, it idles perfectly at the correct 1300 rpm. Likewise, the spark plugs have not been touched from the factory, and the hot and cold starting are perfect, with no indication of misfiring under full load or any other time.

Bill, mine on '04 were adjusted only once, at 9K and I am presently pushing to 50K, need to check. At 9k they were a bit tight, esp exhausts, so I set intakes to .10 and exhausts to .15 (as you guest cheap fillers, nothing in between). After that I only checked them at 31K, were well withing limits.

I believe they must have improved valve seats, and with 14/41 gearing not that much time spent above 9,000RPM

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