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Mon Jan 22, 2007 12:14 am
Re: Long Mileage Test        

Hey Bill,glad to see you're still racking up the miles on your Ninja. Hopefully with proper maintenance I can also break the 100K mark with my N250. The difference will be that I consistently ride this bike hard and in a spirited manner. I usually never redline or abuse the bike but consistently run in the 8-12k rpm. range. Shifts are frequent with downshifts and trail braking taking its toll on tires, brakes and chains. The motor remains perfect with cams and internals still appearing new.
I've adjusted the valves 4 times in 20K miles and each time had to loosen a few to remain on the loose side of the specs.
As the valves tighten up they loose their ability to transfer heat, causing an increase in seat wear. I prefer keeping them dialed in and using synthetic lubricants in an effort to prolong engine life.
The friction modifiers added to energy conserving oils are not recommended for use with our wet clutches. Glad to hear you haven't had any issues.
Spark plugs are consumables and at $2 a piece replaced on a regular basis. I'm curious to see how well properly maintained N250's hold up in the years to come.

Always glad to hear your input.


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