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Mon Jul 16, 2007 8:00 pm
Re: 30K Miles on Replacement Engine in '88        

An excellent question and the answer is I doubt it but I wish someone here who knows for sure, by trying it, would say!

But the problem may not be only getting the old one off and out, we could cut through the chain with some kind of suitable cutting disc and a high speed grinder and it might be extractable that way. An even bigger problem would be could you get the new one back in there in one piece? The manual doesn't say you can, it doesn't say you can't. The manual seems to assume you will dismantle the whole engine in the process of chain installation, or rather to be more exact, install the chain during the process of assembling the whole engine.

It doesn't look like there's enough clearance under the crankshaft gear outboard of the chain sprocket, to the assembled case, to get the chain under it, especially since it has to go up into the tunnel at the same time.

Or, with the cam sprockets off, the new chain in one piece could drop down into the tunnel from the top, but then it wouldn't be able to get around the crankshaft gear sideways to loop back onto the chain sprocket on the crank.

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