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Tue Jul 17, 2007 7:23 pm
Re: 30K Miles on Replacement Engine in '88        

Good to know these motors will run for a very long time if taken care of properly...

I'm coming up on 30k on my '03 Ninja 250. From what I can tell, all the drivetrain is stock and untouched, but was taken care of very well. I've been the owner for the last 6k. This bike belonged to a board member some time ago and I've pulled up old posts about it...FWIW, it's been in good hands.

Most of the 30k maintenance has been done early, so the bike rolling over to the big 30 will be a non-event. I severely doubt I'll own the bike for another 10k, but in the event I do, it will be nice to know it's got the ability to keep on ticking! Or, maybe I'll keep it as a commuter and be the second one to post about the mighty Ninja rolling over to 100k.

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