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Ninja 250 Quest - Forum rules        

All other forum rules apply

What does and does not belong here:

*This forum is for ALL ride reports, including Ninja 250 Quest reports and commentary.
*Group ride planning belongs in the 'Ride Announcements' Section.
*General route planning questions fall into the 'Bike Talk' forum.

About The Quest:

The purpose of The Quest is to encourage club members to get out of their daily habits and ride together, yet separately. On your ride, go somewhere in your area (or not in your area) that is special, unique, wacky, or otherwise out of the ordinary.

Ride a motorcycle. We won't hold you to an EX250, but you have to get there on two motorized wheels. Take a photo or two. If this is inconvenient, a postcard will suffice.

This is a very casual event, so there are just a few rules:

*Keep the speed down
*Know your limits and stop when you need to
*Pick any day of any month, go riding, then tell us about it

To report:

*Make a new post within this forum for each ride, so people can comment on yours and avoid clutter
*Give your thread a descriptive title, so we know where you rode ('World's smallest mt. range', not 're:Quest')
*Post your mileage for the ride
*Give a general route description or tell locations visited (a Google map link would be nice)
*Write a ride report, so other clubbers can get excited, too


*If you can, take pictures that include you, your bike, and whatever. Be brave and ask that nice couple over there to take your photo.
*If it's just your bike and the object of your ride, that's fine, too. Multiple photos are encouraged. Try to use thumbnails or a photo album if you have a lot of pictures. These should be available from your online photo storage service.
*Add a motorcycle and this becomes a perfect picture for submission:

If you can't think of somewhere unique and exciting to go, www.roadsideamerica.com is a good place to start looking.

The reward:

You'll know that somewhere else another biker is doing the same thing... taking a picture of the world's largest cucumber, the shortest covered bridge, or the best blackberry pie. Have fun and enjoy the club experience.


Woot & Bokonon

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