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Mon Aug 11, 2008 10:47 pm
Caught my bike getting backed into on surveillance video        

When I looked up it was too late to do anything except some verbalizations. I saw the whole thing.

I was really lucky that she didn't tip it over. By some amazing miracle, I haven't found any damage.

It slid back about 12" in the hard packed dirt (it was in gear with steering locked).

The first frame is a few minutes in front of the rest. The impact was at about the same speed as the pull-away.

She didn't even hear the impact (A/C running full - it was 100 out).
There was enough room in front of her she really didn't need to back up at all to get out.

I ran down the stairs and caught up with her at the stop sign down the street.
She was nice about it, sorry and all.


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