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Tue Aug 19, 2008 4:49 pm
Re: Caught my bike getting backed into on surveillance video        

Looks to me like having the bike in gear may have saved it. The bike may have slid further back and fallen over if it hadn't been stopped by being in gear. Anyone that has run over a child's big wheels or a bicycle backing out of a driveway knows how easily this can happen.

There was no way she could have seen the bike was behind her unless she got into her van after passing the bike. Who knows, maybe she knew it was there and thought she had enough room to back out and that is why she stopped when she did. I don't think she felt it if the bumper hit the tire. Hard to tell from such a small image.

Was the van already there when you parked your bike? Not a good place to park. You were very lucky. Being off the road, it should not have caused too much damage unless she continued to back up. If your bike doesn't have a name - I'd call it Lucky.

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