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Tue Aug 19, 2008 5:51 pm
Truck was already parked there...        

There was probably 10 feet between us, I purposely left a bunch of room. She had walked around the truck (right by the bike), but probably forgot it was there. I even moved it back a couple of times after pulling into the spot to be sure there was "plenty" (in my mind) of room for her to get out.
She said that she remembers it being there when she loaded some stuff earlier, but forgot.
She definitely walked right by it but around the passenger side of her truck before getting in to leave.

I was definitely lucky and will park somewhere else if someone is even halfway close next time.

I replaced the front tire even though it didn't show any damage but could have been pinched. The one on there was within a couple of months of needing to be replaced anyway. Now I have SD's on both the front and rear!

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