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Mon Nov 16, 2009 7:47 pm
Alternative Method to Recover Key Code        

Here's an alternative method of revealing the key code for a '07 Ninja 250.

The key code is stamped on the upper side of the seat cushion release key cylinder, located on the left side of the Ninja 250. The trick of course is releasing the seat cushion without the key!

Start by removing either one of the side panels, if done carefully neither the seat or the side panel will be damaged. If the right side panel is removed, releasing the seat cushion may be easier. Here's the tricky part, using a long flat-blade screwdriver (1/4? blade 8? long) release the seat cushion hook by pushing the hook towards the back of the motorcycle with the screwdriver.

As both the right side and left side hooks are linked together, only one hook needs to be pushed, though the seat cushion may need a little lift once the hooks are released.

Now that the seat cushion has been removed, it maybe possible (by peering down between the chassis tube and the rear body plastic) to read the key code off the top of the seat cushion key cylinder without removing the rear body plastic. If not, then the disassembly and removal of rear body plastic is pretty straightforward.

Rear Body Plastic Removal:

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