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Sat Oct 23, 2010 8:25 am
My first crash        

Yesterday morning, on my way to work, I dropped my bike. A guy short-stopped in front of me, I short-stopped to avoid hitting him, I grabbed too much front brake, locked the front wheel, and the next thing I know I'm on the ground with the bike down as well.

I'm fine: my thumb got twisted funny but it isn't broken, and my gear (textile overpants and jacket) are ruined (but that's what they're for) although my leather gloves are only scuffed and my helmet, as far as I can tell, never touched the ground at all.

What I'm more worried about is fixing my bike. I bought it used a few months ago fairly cheap, because it had already been crashed and hastily repaired once, and I'm pretty familiar with working on it, as the first thing I did with the bike was fix all the problems the previous owner caused, so that I'd at least have a clean slate when I caused problems of my own. (And here we are!)

Anyway, after the crash I got the bike started again and rode it (slowly!) back home, and then went to work. After work, I looked over the bike to try and see what the damage was.

First and probably most important thing: the front alignment feels off. It doesn't look too far off, and nothing looks obviously bent, but that could just be because all the parts are still on the bike and you know how it can be hard to tell if something is bent then. This is the hardest thing I've got to deal with here. Any tips on how to measure the alignment and get it back into shape? Am I in the market for new forks, or can I salvage what I already have?

Other than that, it's basically what you'd expect from the bike laying down on the left side: the fairing has a huge crack right through it and a lot of abrasion on that upper corner. The flushmount turn signal lost a lens and a fair amount of plastic. The running light (I'd replaced those yellow reflectors with running lights) was broken, but that thing was cheap, so whatever. The left handlebar is bent. The clutch lever broke. The part of the frame that the side mirror screws onto is bent. The plastic instrument cluster has a crack in it as well, and it's not on the front part, it's on the part that holds it up.

I'm thinking that if I can fix the alignment, this is an excuse to turn the bike into a streetfighter, which I'd been thinking about doing anyway.


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