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Sat Dec 25, 2010 12:33 pm
Re: Making my 2005 Ninja 250 into a naked bike.        

You could always try to fix the fairings. It's not that hard. I just repaired the mangled fairings on a '90 bike that had been down hard a few times. The bottom fairing was missing a large chunk (fixed using thin aluminum sheet and pop rivets), most pieces if the fairing were cracked (fixed using a soldering iron and epoxy), all 4 mouting tabs for the bottom fairing were missing from the front section (which was being held on with cable ties) - replaced using epoxy, aluminum strip and a few bolts. Other bits were broken, cracked and missing edges but I repaired those too. The total cost for epoxy, metal tabs, bolts etc. was under $10. All that's really involved is time. When I was finished I resprayed everything (rattle cans) and the bike actually looks pretty good now. Most of the repairs are invisible from the outside.

I never liked the streetfighter look in a Ninja 250. It's not easy to get the front end (lights and dash) looking good. They always look like they don't belong on there. It's also not cheap if you buy new lighting units and an electronic dash system. Good luck if you go that route though.

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