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Tue Mar 22, 2011 11:16 am
Don't be so down        

mel80 wrote:
I enjoy riding through PCH but im too chicken to hit the canyons bymyself.

That's IMNSHO the BEST way to learn. YOu then do not ned to worry about riding at anyone else's pace but your own. AND. You can turn back any time you feel like it. When I first started riding the canyons in Malibu, I turned around at a specific spotthat I could easily locate later. I ended up doing an 85 mile ride that day and was super jazzed, even though I got passed by a guy on an ancient Norton. Now, when I pass that spot I laugh, since my weekend rides usually run around 300 miles with no ill effects.

Read the FAQ article called "Riding the Pace"

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