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Fri May 27, 2011 10:27 pm
Pics and introduction - wrecked my bike        

Well, I started riding only a couple months ago on a very used and abused Ninja 250. Put a little more than 1000 miles on it, until about a month ago when I screwed up and low-sided the bike in a sharp corner; it was my first time dropping a bike and unfortunately ended in disaster; the bike slid further than I did and wedged itself under a guardrail which shattered the front fairing and headlight, put a good dent in the radiator and snapped off the left handlebar. The bracket that holds the rear brake pedal also broke in half at the footpeg and the forks ended up somewhat bent.

I ended up a little better off, a little bit of roadrash on my knee (ironically, the riding pants I ordered arrived in the mail about two days later), and I broke the scaphoid bone in my wrist, ended up getting a screw in it; I was quoted 3-6 months in a cast without the surgery. As it is I've got another month in a removable splint and 6 weeks according to the doc before I can get on a bike again.

A lot of people have said it'd be easier to part out the bike and move on, but to be honest I think I need it. Working a weird shift, riding became sort of my only hobby (away from a computer screen) and I know I'll go crazy without some sort of project. So I'm fixing it, even if I end up parting it out anyway in a couple months.

Since getting the bike back I've ripped off all the broken bits and had a buddy help tear it down to check for frame damage - none that we could detect. In the last couple days as parts start trickling in from ebay I've replaced the rear brake lever and bracket and the left handlebar (those bar ends - what the hell, kawasaki?). Here's the bike as it currently stands:

It still runs perfectly, I haven't tried riding it more than about 20 feet. Waiting to swap out the forks and for my wrist to heal. Next on my agenda is to replace the forks, the damaged radiator, the right handlebar, which is bent back just enough to be noticed and it bugs me, and the clutch and shift levers (which are bent in opposite directions). Obviously I need to pick out turn signals, mirrors, and a light; I'll keep the stock gauges for the time being but if I keep the bike around I'll probably buy a trail tech vapor. I'm ambivalent about the front fender and the lower fairing, both are damaged but repairable. The lower fairing is cracked and an easy fix but I think it looks better without it; the front fender has a chunk missing from the aft end but I'm not sure whether I should try to fix it, leave it off, or just cut the damaged end short. Dunno what to do about the seat. Finally, at some point I'm scraping off those stupid decals and applying some new paint.

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