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Mon Aug 08, 2011 2:14 pm
They are bent ^_^        

FrugalNinja250 wrote:
Go ahead and pull the forks out, roll them to see if they're straight.

I know they are bent, but they are bent evenly from what I can tell with them on the bike. They could have been this way the whole time however as the previous owner took it into a wall 10' away from a dead stop.

I will just get a tire and putt it on then see if it doesn't ride straight.

As for "living" through it I rather have lived then died lol.

And per the suggestion of frame sliders vs bags ... bags have more than one purpose, increase visibility, and protected more than the plastics lol ^_^ might modify to have metal plates where it is most likely to contact the ground. Only the crown nut, shift lever, and a little bit of the mirror was damaged on the bike. The bag of course too but its really thick plastic so easily fixed.

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