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Mon Aug 08, 2011 9:14 pm
#%^&$ Wet Leaves!        

Was coming up the driveway today after work- pretty steep hill, around a 25 degree incline and as i'm rounding the top... Oops! Suddenly i'm tumbling and i end up on my feet, and my bike is on it's side growling and sputtering with it's back wheel spinning madly. After getting it shut down and back up, I looked over the damage...

My clutch lever and barend mirror ate it, and i think i kind of bent my handlebars a little. My tach stuck for a moment but got it to respond again, and my GPS mounts electrical wires got ripped out and trashed. Just got back from a test ride and the bike is still intact, but here i am feeling glum, as if my favorite dog just broke it's leg or something.

Long story short - Up yours leaves! People say gravel is the bane but you're the silent killer. Time to look at some replacement parts...

It just hasn't been my week. Just for discussion, who else has done a driveway drop before?

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