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Tue Aug 09, 2011 11:19 am
Airvest is almost a must        

My gloves never touched the ground, they cost $180. My helmet never touched the ground, it cost $450. Get where I am going with this? Just because they didn't touch doesn't mean they didn't serve a specific function.

The vest cost $380 shipped with an extra CO2 cylinder after discount code. The vest WILL activate on a low side if your feat come off the pegs if you set the deployment line properly. (line should be fully stretched when you stand on your pegs + hands on grips)

When you first go down in a low side you essentially go down "soft" its the rolling there after which will get you. If you are rolling then the vest has already deployed. if the distance between you and the bike is greater than what you set the cord to the vest will deploy. Dont get me wrong its not a "race application not available to public" dainese racing suit with the sensor which deploys the vest before you fall but its better than nothing.

I had a short low-side then the forks compressed and somehow the bike left my feat and I started to roll / tumble / who knows what, but when I was done I got up with my upper body unharmed. If I didn't have one my jacket might have been in need of being replaced, it cost $350 and I could have been a lot more damaged. The air vest is reusable, and you can "repack" it on scene if you have an extra CO2 cylinder, which I did btw ^_^

My main complaint was the Y-seams not being reenforced as much as I would like. But I can fix this rather easily.

While I didn't impact anything head on with my body the vest is designed to hold your head from snapping back during an impact. I have read stories of people being ejected with this thing on and having flown far distances before landing. If you think about it for $350 even if it only protects you from being ejected it already paid for itself as you are less likely to brake bones on impact.

I can't imagine the forces involved if I would high side and then land 30' down the road at 60mph without the vest. I largely credit the vest + hard-bags for my coming out of this pretty much unharmed.

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