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Sat Aug 20, 2011 9:38 pm
I did a wheelie and it sucked.        

Since putting a 2005 engine in my 2007, I've only been cautiously doing naked city riding, making sure everything was adjusted correctly, and that I didn't miss anything.

Today I decided I was satisfied with everything and put the fairings back on, gave them all a nice armor-all shine and went out riding.

Bike was all nice and warmed up so I decided to wind it up from a stop light on a 50mph street.

I did NOT pop the clutch! I was moving forward, already a car length ahead of the car next to me, and already had both feet on the pegs. Suddenly I'm at a 45 degree angle, panicked, pulled the clutch, and came down and just kept going.

Some guys next to me at the next light told me how awesome that was, but I really just felt like an idiot.

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