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Thu Aug 25, 2011 12:21 am
6:00pm rush hour hit and run        

I was coming off the freeway offramp, slowing down to get ready for the left hand turn on the inside lane. From what the witnesses said the silver suv went from lane 3 to my lane at around 60mph. All I heard was tire screeching and then they hit me. The best that I can remember was flying, seeing tire smoke and the front of an SUV. Then I landed on my back and butt and hit the ground rolling. I remembered from tv shows the best way to get ready is the take your arms in your chest and keep on rolling until you stop naturally so thats what I did. I just kept rolling to try and get out of the way of other cars the best I could. I remember seeing sky then asphalt. I think I did a good 3-4 rolls before I could safely stop. After I stopped people got out thier cars and came over to see how I was. I laid there for probably about 20 seconds to do a quick inventory of how I was feeling. I moved around and things seemed sore but ok. I was able to walk away to the curb. My bike was jettisoned probably to lane 3 and hit the front corner or the door of another suv with a family in it. Fortunately they were fine and thier damage was pretty minor. My bikes frame is bent, the front plastic is pretty much gone, the exhaust is bent and the back is kind of compressed. The offending suv ran but was later caught according to the CHP officer. By the way, the CHP guys, when they're not giving you a ticket, pretty nice guy.

I was wearing a texile vented jacket by Swift, riding pants by Tour Master, HJC helmet, and Cortech gloves. I was able to walk away from this one with minor scratches thanks to all the gear. My right knee hurts, I think it missed the pad when it landed, my elbows have some rash maybe about 1.5 inches long and I have a scratch at the bottom of my back where my jacket probably rode up. The seat of my riding pants is pretty badly torn and some of it looks like it melted. It went through both layers but my normal pants are fine. My jacket forearms are pretty torn up and the back of the jacket has a few abrasions. The jacket forearms have a torn up first layer but never went through the second layer and never touched the armor. The gloves have abrasion on the knuckles and one is torn on the bottom where there is a pad.

Before the accident I kind of thought I was wearing a lot of stuff and its pretty hard to walk when its all on but when I get another bike I'll definitely be wearing it all again.

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