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Thu Oct 20, 2011 10:57 am
And he crashes again!        

Fortunately this one was more comical and no harm done.

I was coming down a main street with my bud this past Saturday and pulled over rather quickly so we could chat. I was almost stopped (going maybe 5MPH) and my front tire hooked into some very fine sand/silt in the gutter by the curb. Tire turns full lock left and next thing I know I'm holding my 650 up by the bars as it's trying to roll away. I've got one foot planted on the sidewalk and one in the street so I'm fully off the bike when I decide "OK, I'll just let it do whatever the hell it wants to do" since it clearly didn't want to be upright anymore. The bike went a couple more feet as I'm standing there with my hands in the air like I'm asking the bike "WTF is your problem?!"

I got a bit of rash on the bottom of my frame slider and a tiny bit on the lower edge of my case cover, thanks to the height difference between the asphalt of the street and the concrete of the gutter. No leaks though, so that's good. The bars are still straight, and that's good too. Sunday morning I woke up and realized I wrenched my back holding that damn thing up. No other damage to the bike or my body, which is very very good.

All in all, it was apparently funny to watch, per my buddy who was behind me at the time. And I was able to laugh about it immediately too. Moral of the story is - if frame sliders are available for your bike, GET THEM! Oh, and you never know when you're going to crash.

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