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Fri Oct 21, 2011 4:49 pm
Survived a bad wreck!        

Was rear ended going 45mph.

The shock from the car sent my motorcycle forward and I flew back into the grill of the dodge caravan, my back breaking its radiator. As it quickly stopped I flipped forward and landed on my back rolling forward up in the air again, and down on my back again. I slid down the road. I was knocked out from the impact on my head for a minute or so but managed to get out of the whole thing with but a small scratch on my knee and another on my palm. No broken bones, no internal damages, no blood, incredible.

She didn't see me turn lanes in front of her and she kept barreling forward and just smashed me, even when we do everything right people still don't see us motorcycle riders.

Because she didn't see me she is trying to claim that I was at fault and is saying that I instantly turned in front of her, even though I was in the center of the lane was hit square in the back by the center of her car!

Since the police report is congruent with that I am pretty much screwed, but none the less. Super lucky. Its been 3 days I have no pain in my back or my neck! I felt more sore from a tough long day at work!

The rear wheel and tire of my bike is destroyed, the rear fairing, and the metal frame is all crunched up into the seat. Engine still starts and runs fine but is it repairable? Or will I just need to buy a new one?

It appears not fixable due to the bent up frame. I'll take some pictures of it soon.

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