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Sat Oct 22, 2011 3:38 am
Glad you are OK        

Sounds like you were lucky. Glad you got through it pretty much OK.

Were you slowing down or braking? If you weren't it seems odd that she would drive into you at 45mph. How fast were you going?

It's just not quite clear what happened. Seems like you were in front of her and changed lanes and she just ran into you. Did you see her before you changed lanes and was she going faster than you were?

If you had pulled in front of her just before she hit you, I can see why a cop might assume that you were at least partly to blame. It all depends on the timing and your relative speeds.

I've had people get pretty close to me from behind when I was slowing down using engine braking (i.e. no brake lights would be on). Now, even when engine braking, I always pull lightly on the brake lever to turn the brake light on (plus I've added extra brake lights too).

Anything can be fixed. A bent frame can be straightened or rebuilt. The question is whether or not doing so will exceed the value of the bike. Cheapest way might be to buy a parts bike with a good frame and build one good bike out of the two. Second cheapest way would be to buy a new one and part out the good bits of the damaged bike.

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