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Thu Nov 17, 2011 10:01 pm

This happened a week ago. I've spent the time since trying to think about the big picture, but I'm still conflicted. I don't think there's any acceptable way, for me, to commute in L.A. and avoid these situations. I could ride even slower than the cars and brake for every potential conflict, but that would be extremely unrewarding. So, do I stop riding instead? Accept a broken bone every year? I just don't know. L.A. is full of assholes, and that part of the equation is not going to change.

This guy did a u-turn from the curb while parked on an otherwise empty street - just him and me. That's a difficult move to defend against.

I will be parting out everything to the rear of the triple tree. Everything forward of that is gone.There's some good stuff - well-maintained engine, J shock, 3-bub taillight, etc.

I broke the radius and scaphoid bones in my left arm.

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