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Fri Nov 18, 2011 1:16 pm
Sorry to hear this happened        

The drivers aren't any better here. I was on the way home last night on a four lane arterial with dedicated center left turn lane. I was eastbound, and on either side were small business parking lots. A guy in the right hand parking lot was waiting to make a left to go the opposite direction of me, and a guy in the left parking lot was waiting to make a left to go the same direction as me. The guy on the left pulled out across westbound traffic as I was approaching so I was already on my brakes getting ready to slow, and suddenly the guy on the right pulled across my traffic lanes. However, there was westbound traffic that was piling up because of the guy on the left, so the guy on the right had nowhere to go, so he stopped in front of me, while the guy on my left was headed into my lane as I was approaching him.

Lots of use of my horn, heavy brakes, swerving.

Just another day in my city.

I've got a 130+ dB Wolo air horn on my bike now, and ride with a helmet cam full time.

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