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Fri Mar 16, 2012 7:09 pm
Glad you are OK        

Glad you're OK. Now comes the time to analyze what you could have done to avoid this. You weren't to blame, but that isn't the point. It's hurts just as much whoever's fault it is.

I assume this must have been a cross street with the stop sign on the left and you must have been on the main road turning right?

So what could you have done. Depends on why the van ran the stop sign. If they just slowed, looked and didn't see you, could you have been wearing more visible colors (like a fluorescent yellow helmet and jacket)? Do you have any running lights on the bike in addition to the headlight? Did you see the van and assume he would stop at the sign? If not did you look down that side street?

I wonder if the bike being naked lessens its visibility (conspicuity). It would essentially be black I guess and maybe easier "not to see" than a kawasaki green fairinged bike.

Were you going too fast? Could you have taken the corner more sharply if you'd been going slower which might have allowed the van just to pass you? If you're not near your traction limit you can brake while leaned over, you just can't brake really hard. Did you overbrake? Straightening up is fine, but it takes time and might have put you on a path that would have stopped you right in front of the van! So that could have been worse than what you did do.

Like I said, it wasn't your fault, but there's usually something you could have done that might have avoid a spill. You shouldn't have to do it, but in reality you have to be prepared for it. What would you do differently next time? If you can learn from this one, maybe you can avoid the next one!

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