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Tue May 15, 2012 2:36 pm
Crash & Mesh gear test        

A couple of weeks ago a truck cut across my lane on the highway while I was on my way to work. I managed to avoid the sideswipe but locked up the front from the panic brakeing and hit pavement at about 50-60mph.

If the bike had ABS (or a more skilled rider) I would probably not have gone down.

All of the gear did a great job protecting me, and everyone behind me on the highway was nice enough not to run over me.

The Firstgear jacket took the brunt of the damage, the HT Air pants burnt through in one small spot on the knee. The gloves barely have any scraping on them, except for the side of one finger that somehow managed to get pressed against the pavement (the mesh did not give, the elastic on the side of the finger burnt through). My helmet is scratched on face shield, right hand side and back, the only place the paint is cut through to any real extend is the right side, the rest is fairly minor scratching.

All of the gear did its job, but I would not consider it useable again. Mesh, and helmets, are definitely one time go pieces of equipment.

I had a couple of small burn-throughs on forearm, knee, ankle, and finger. I cracked a couple of ribs, and have a hell of a lot of sore muscles, sprained right ankle, but no major broken bones. All of the road rash happened due to armor shifting away from the contact areas, or not being where the impact was. On the shoulder impact I had no skin contact the ground, the armor stayed in position and took all of the heat/cutting. In my estimation all of the major damage happened in the first second of me hitting the road. I slid a long, long way, got flipped around several times, and the only places the gear cut through (or even shows anything more than minor scuffing) are on the initial high speed impact areas on my right side.

I failed to wear boots, so suffered a good sprain. I lost my right shoe sometime in this event, and my sock was cut to shreds, the only place I was cut was on my ankle.

Photos of my injuries were taken about 3 hours after the accident

My bike took road rash to the right side, lost one low profile turn signal, and broke the brake lever.

My time commuting on a bike in San Antonio is officially over. This is the last close call I want to have with the idiots I commute with without a car around me.

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