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Tue May 15, 2012 3:11 pm
Glad you're OK        

Glad you're (relatively) OK. Could have been a lot worse.

What would you do/wear differently next time? I presume you'd wear boots but you seem relatively satisfied with the mesh. What were you wearing under it?

I've taken to wearing Kevlar jeans under my overpants (solid or mesh). I wouldn't trust the jeans on their own to hold up in a slide, but I would trust them to hold up if I wore a hols through the overpants. By that point I assume most of the damage has been done.

Shifting armor is always a problem. Either it's strapped to your leg making movement awkward and uncomfortable, or it's going to be capable of shifting a bit.

When I bought my latest bike, I made sure I got one with ABS. Unfortunately I don't know of anyone who has put ABS on a Ninja 250. The Honda 250 has it as an option. Kawasaki needs to get with the program and at least offer it as an option on the new Ninja 250. ABS isn't perfect and you can certainly crash with it, but there are times (probably like this one) where it can help a lot.

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