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Thu Jul 05, 2012 3:09 am
A couple of thoughts        

Regarding the road conditions, it's possible you were in a spot where the road is never washed clear by rain. I'm sure you've heard of the practice some riders have of getting off the road at the start of a rain, because the rain lifts the oil and the road becomes extra-slick with the water/oil combination. Later, when the road has had a good flushing, the traction is much better, and the riders head out again. So, where you were, perhaps there was an oil/water accumulation (perhaps with years-worth of oil), with no flushing.

It sounds like you lowsided. Is the road quite sloped there? (For instance, does it have a pronounced crown? Or big dips where the tire ruts are?) If your back wheel breaks traction, and you are on a slope, the back of the bike will start to step out. If it goes far enough out, the bike will go down. We often see an example of this during a quick stop. Say the rider over-applies the rear brake, and the back wheel locks up. If the road is sloped, even a little, gravity will take the rear tire downhill and the back end of the bike will step out. When we're riding around town this isn't usually a big deal, because the bike stops before the back tire gets too far out to the side. But if stopping takes a while, as it might on a wet road or if the bike is moving fast, the slow-down period might last long enough for the back tire to get well out to the side and bring the bike down. So, in your case, everything might have been fine while you were going straight. If your lane change caused you to go up the side of a hump (say, as the bike climbed out of a deep tire rut), that may have been enough to let the rear tire slide back downhill and out to the side.

BTW, how is the tread on your tires? If they're getting worn, that cuts down on the available margin for error.

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