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Tue Jul 10, 2012 2:55 pm
My parked Ninja was backed into and knocked over (on the kickstand side!)        

A very sad time in my life, indeed.

Last Friday at work, my Ninja was backed in to and knocked over by a coworker of mine. She was going fast enough, with enough force, to knock the bike over on its kickstand side, which is pretty difficult to do.

Anyways, the left side of my bike is pretty beat up. Exhaust is busted and bent into the swingarm, left rear blinker busted, left footpeg snapped in half, shifter is totally non functional, left handlebar bent into the gas tank and dented that, left front blinker damaged, the fairing has a real bad scuff and is cracked, and the handlebars are tweaked in relation to the front tire. I couldn't even ride the bike home.

I've never had to deal with accident claims before, so I would like to know how i should pursue getting compensated for this. We had the police come and they filed a police report. Should i go through my motorcycle insurance and let them handle everything or should i go directly to her insurance company?

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