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Wed Jul 18, 2012 2:56 pm

I think $1425 is fair for a 2004 bike with 28,000 miles on it. It's not generous but it's probably reasonable. You have to decide how much or your time and effort it's worth to get maybe another $100 or $200 out of them.

I'm in NJ and I'd probably expect to pay no more than $1500 for a bike like that. In fact I personlly wouldn't go over $1200 (but I'm cheap).

Here's an 07 with 3900 miles for $1750 -

Here's an '07 with 12000 miles for $1200 -

Of course you can find people asking a lot more for a lot less

Here's an '04 with 4000 miles for $1950 -

Here's a great one (though not relevant to this case). 2012 Ninja with a "very loud exhaust". Yours for only $6000 -

My final thought is that the damage you report doesn't sound all that serious or all that difficult or expensive to fix. The bike basically fell over (hard), so it's unlikely to have bent anything significant. Any chance they'd sell you the "written off" bike cheap and you could fix it up? That's what I'd do given the chance. If you got $1450 for the bike and they'd sell it to you for $200, you'd come out way ahead. A weekend's work and a few hundred dollars worth of used parts and it could be pretty much as good as it was.

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