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Fri Jul 20, 2012 10:37 am
My options...        

Well, i can take the total loss settlement for $1425, and they will take the bike.

Or, i can accept $995, keep the bike, but it will have a salvage title.

I'm really anal with my bike, and it was in great shape. I also kept a mileagetracker log of EVERYTHING about the bike, and did all the maintenance myself, so i know the bike runs mint and is mechanically sound.

So, what needs to be fixed?

Front fairing has 2 cracks in it and a couple scuffs (one is major). Could probably be repaired.
Front fairing stay is broken, needs to be replaced
Left front blinker is broken, needs to be replaced
Dent in gas tank (left handlebar went into it). Just a dent, the paint is still intact. I could live with it i guess.
Handlebars are tweaked, but that's a pretty easy fix as long as the fork tubes aren't bent (just loosen the triple clamps and realign).
Left foot peg snapped in half, needs to be replaced
The shifter is bent, could probably bend back, but might as well replace
Left muffler dented and bent, could probably bend it back and use it, but would like to replace.

I could take the $995 and keep the bike. If i spent 400$ fixing it and can sell it for $1500, I'll be +600$ over the settlement offer. But it will have a salvage title and a buyer may not like that. I'd also have to pay to get the bike inspected so that it's legal for road use (even though NJ doesn't require inspection for motorcycles).

What do you guys think?

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