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Wed Sep 26, 2012 2:10 pm
500 engine swap        

Well, the Ninja 500 engine has been swapped into the 250 by a number of people. It has more power than the new 300 engine. How well these 500 into 250 hybrids handle I don't know, but I've seen reports that they seem to be OK.

Probably a lot cheaper than a 300 transplant since 300 engines will be rare and expensive for a while. I'd assume and there must be lots of used 500 engines around if people are itching to do a transplant.

If you want one you probably missed this one - I think the asking price converts to around $5700 (plus shipping from Indonesia!)

Of course it would probably be a lot less work just to buy the Ninja 500. You could probably graft some supersport type bodywork on it for $1000 if you wanted the more modern look, which might be cheaper and easier than an engine swap!

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