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Sun Oct 07, 2012 10:09 pm
Hit by Deer - Word of Advice        

Hi all, I just passed 7500 miles on my first bike (2010 Ninja 250) and had a run in with a deer last night. I'm not trying to brag, but I have always tried to ride as safe and aware as possible. I practice quick stops every ride (sometimes I brake so hard I do a stoppie) as the MSF lady taught me to. I even wear one of those ultra reflective neon green jackets. Yeah, I'm that guy.

So on to my story: It was about 7 PM, just after sunset. I was coming along a road I've traveled many times, doing about the speed limit (35 MPH). I was about 100-150 feet away when I saw a car in the oncoming lane flip on its high beams, and at the same time I saw the silhouette of four legs meandering across the road in front of the oncoming car. I quickly realized there was an animal crossing the road so I got on the brakes (medium firmness) and flipped on my high beams.

The animal was coming from the left side of the road making its way toward the right side of the road. With my high beams on, I saw the deer clearly (now about 50-75 feet ahead) and I felt I was going about 15 MPH at this point. The deer had reached the edge of my lane to the right side of the road, but I continued to slow, knowing that deer often travel in groups. I was down at about 5 MPH as I came to about 25 feet of the deer. It was standing on the far right edge of the road as I closed to about 10 feet.

As I was about to pass the deer at 5 MPH or less, the deer suddenly spooked and turned around and made a beeline towards me. I remember thinking "oh shit I need to stop" and going for the brakes, but as soon as I realized this, it seemed like I was already on the ground. I don't think I was even able to apply any brake pressure before the deer had already gone through/over me.

So after knocking me and the bike to the ground, I slid along the pavement with that shitty plastic on asphalt sound for a second. The oncoming driver had stopped upon seeing the deer and after my little pavement surfing adventure I happened to slide to a stop right at their window. Enraged, I leapt out from under the bike and up to my feet. I was furious. I started punching at the air and yelling profanities.

So after getting super pissed off, I realized there were a couple cars waiting behind me, so I decided it was time to right the bike and get it off the road. As I was lifting it off the ground, I could hear the driver immediately behind me close his door and start yelling out to me to see if I was okay. I was fine so I sort of ignored him as I walked the now upright bike to a clearing on the side of the road. He picked up the broken-off footpeg and blinker and brought them over to me as I stood at the side of the road. I thanked him for stopping and picking up the doodads.

Then, and this part is remarkably clear in my memory, I was standing on the side of the road, looking back at where the deer had popped out of the woods. It was at that moment I decided that I will now be a hunter. I will buy a rifle and extract some revenge. This was not so much a decision as it was a logical conclusion to the chain of events that took place in the previous 45 seconds.

All said and done, I broke off my left side footpeg, bent my shifter, and scratched off a decent amount of the paint. My foot is a little sore, but I was wearing full gear (leather gloves, combat boots, heavy jeans, full sleeve reflective jacket, and a long-sleeve denim shirt underneath) so I have a little scratch on my elbow and that's it for flesh wounds. I also busted a seam on my left glove as I reached out to stop my fall. Oh well, they were getting worn out and I needed to replace the gloves anyways.

So my word of advice to you all: deer will hunt you down and will do everything they can to knock you over. Don't think the danger has passed simply because they already crossed the road.

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