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Tue Oct 16, 2012 9:50 pm
Is there a stupider animal than a deer?        

I've watched one get confused in the middle of the road, and then run straight at me. I was stopped by then, and managed to warn it off by blowing the horn. (It was a bit of a tense situation because there was a truck behind me. I was flashing the brakes the whole time, and the truck driver saw it all and slowed.)

Another time, I saw one about 100' ahead, standing right on the shoulder. I slowed to a walk, and crept toward it. I thought it would flee, but it never did. It waited until I was about 5' away and then, instead of heading into the woods, it walked right in front of me.

Next time I see one ahead, I'm going to try a combination of the horn (I have an air horn now - Ha!), plus swerving from side to side a bit to see if the deer can judge the distance and figure out that I'm moving toward it.

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