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Fri Oct 26, 2012 10:24 am
Ohio to Biketoberfest and back        

Rode my 2007 Ninja 250 to Daytona and back about 2,550 miles which included some riding down there. I took I-77 from Akron, Ohio down to Fancy Gap and peeled off to hit the Blur Ridge Parkway for a hundred miles or so. Obviously great scenery/fall foilage but slow going and looped off at 421 heading back over to I-77. Stopped that evening at Wytheville at a Super 8. Cheap $44 and free breakfast. Sunday morning back on bike and picked up 26 east to I-95 where I stayed in Port Townsend that evening which is just north of Savannah. Just $39.95 Super 8 not bad. Monday morning had just a couple hundred miles to Daytona and arrived at the LapPlaya Rseorts and Suites around noon. Bike averaged almost 60 mpg and it was laoded for 7 days worth of travel so I felt at 70 mph that was pretty good. Throughout the week I went to a club and got more dancing in than I wanted, to the speedway in the pits to do some coverage . I stopped by Corbin seats and ordered a new leather seat (shipped 10/25) . Sunday I finally started my trip home at 7am. I shipped most of my clothes home but kept a change of clothes and my electric gear because Wytheville and the WVA mountains awaited me Monday morning and the weather reports said it would be in the 40's and it was. One note about the 250's alternator output it's only like 180 watts. Jacket 44 watts, pants 43 watts, gloves 33 watts, socks 27 watts. Well I could run some heated clothing but not all so I ran my electric chaps covered by a quality pair of rain pants. I had my First Gear Kilimingaro 3/4 jacket and liner plus a BMW bacalava and Olympic insulated gloves and I felt great. As the day wore on I was able to peel off the electrics and get rid of the liner and insulated gloves. I really like Nolan flip front helmets and mine has one of those visors to flip down where you're riding directly into the sun! I have some pictures but don't have a clue how to upload. Maybe someone at work will help me? Anyways my friends on their BMW's were totaly surprised by the performance of the 250 Ninja. Lots of folks at the track came over and said geez I had one or are riding one. All love the 250. I'd like to give a shout out to the PO Nate who always did the very best in maintenance on this bike. Wardie

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